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Dave at NKBA home show

     We love our job!  When we improve homes we are improving the quality of peoples lives...

                                                   ...and for us, it just doesn't get any better than that!!!

   Cascade Kitchens is Dave James and Nathan Hodge. That's it, just the two of us. How might you ask can the two of us do so many different types of projects?  Honestly we don't do everything.  After trial and error and applying our rigorous standards, we have come up with a group of trusted partners to help.  These partners are the best there are.  For example, we don't make or finish our own doors.  We have found that it works best to use our suppliers to provide those for us.  Because every company has their own specialties, we have 3 different door manufactures to get the right door and the right finish for your job.  That way we can offer hundreds of styles and colors.  We are proud to use their products in our cabinet and refaces.  They are; Sunriver Industries in Kent, Wa., Cabinet Door Service in Salem, Oregon and Conestoga Wood Specialties.  Whether you would like your cabinets custom built or refaced, we can make you the kitchen or bath that best suits your style and needs.

   With all the beautiful and amazing jobs we've done I have to give the credit to our customers.  They took the leap of faith and put their trust in us.  We take that trust to heart and we do all we can to meet and exceed your expectations. 






  Nathan Hodge has been partners with Dave at Cascade Kitchens for over 8 years.  Nathan is a skilled finish carpenter and excels at cabinet refacing and building and installing custom cabinetry.  When not spending time with his family, Nathan enjoys his spare time in the shop building unique furniture pieces.








How Do I Set Up A Consultation?

Please call or email Dave to set up a complimentary in home consultation, or make an appointment to come in and visit us at our Tumwater showroom & see some of our products & review your project!

Phone:  360.456.2255                                                      Contractor's License # CASCAKI967OP

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